New to Market

Now, Nano Dairy - Android has been launched for small and medium village level milk booth. Advanced Key features are Low cost & affordable - FAT, SNF & weight through SMS - All Data including Producer’s details stored in secured web server - User friendly Interface with high reliablity.

Village Level milk collection center automation powered by Nano Android:

  • The data collected from the village milk collection booth can be received and updated directly to the web server.
  • An RF Tag is provided to each customer / milk producer to identify them uniquely and automatically.
  • Inbuild storage in the android tablet which can store about 15 years' milk collection data.
  • A SET TOP BOX(STB) receives the details such as Customer Number (RF ID), Liters, FAT and SNF directly from RFID Reader, Weighing Scale and Milk Analyzer respectively.
  • The data collected is stored in the STB (SET TOP BOX).
  • Once the data collection for the session is done, all entries for that session can be uploaded to a web Server FTP through a GSM/GPRS modem or a broadband connection.
  • This data can then directly be imported to Nano Dairy Server which is located in main plant.

Nano Dairy’s village level centres:

  • This process helps in paperless transfer of data from Village Level Collection Centre to Main Dairy Plant.
  • Data like Fat, SNF, weight(in litres) from the respective instruments and machines enters directly into android mobile application with out human interference.
  • In addition to typical data entry, our system comes with a RF card facility. So a RF card can be given to each supplier(farmer) to make the data entry easy and lucrative.
  • As soon as milk obtained from the farmer he receives an SMS of quality of milk he has given and money he is about to receive.
  • After each session data is uploaded to FTP from the phone via Internet.
  • This data can then be downloaded from FTP at any instant and imported to any of your Enterprise Resource Planning Software.