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The Project Nano Dairy – Efficient way to handle all Milk dairy processing parameters SNF,FAT,CLR and weight automatically-Milk dairy automation system and software – India

The Project Nano Dairy – This is how we started !

The main motive of this project is to eliminate conventional methods of paper works in milk procurement process. Let us explain briefly about how the project initiated and several milestones of journey in Milk dairy automation.

The milk dairy automation software system has designed to reduce the time acquired for milk collection Administrators to track the milk supplier’s previous reports and can automate the manual entry of FAT, SNF, CLR and weights. The milk supplier benefits are based on a reliable and transparent measurement of fat content, weight and other milk parameters.

The main initiative of the above mentioned milk dairy automation process was started at Amirthaa Milk dairy, Erode, Tamilnadu in earlier 2009. The first phase and challwas with procurement section where the difficulty was with various rate charts, routes and different milk types (Buffalo, cow). The main aim was to consolidate all these data with corresponding milk supplier code and save into main database via wireless or wire there by speeding up the milk testing and procurement process before the milk turns sour.

The ultimate integration of this dairy management automation process software is bridging between Milk analyzer (Doesn’t matter about the make or brand of the analyzer unit ), Weighing scale and the server. Highly secured protocol has been employed in data transmission. Stored data from the server are sorted and can be either printed or sent through SMS to the producer and the managing authority.

Finally, the verdict. 

Low cost user friendly dairy application with hardware bonding with all accessories.