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Puthupai Village Aavin milk collection booth automated using Nano dairy

Advanced Milk collection booth automation : Pudhupai village near Vellakovil, Tamilnadu.

Team Nano Dairy has succeeded in installing the milk booth automation system in Pudhupai village, where the milk suppliers are provided with instant bill which includes FAT, SNF, Liters, and Milk type. Also these details are stored in Web server and a SMS is sent to the milk producer directly. This enables the concern Milk provider to calculate his/her sale directly.

As an added advantage, an itemized report listing all the milk parameters can be viewed / printed from the web server. The Milk collector can easily switch with milk types, such as buffalo and Cow.


Village Level milk collection center automation using android software plant form. Get FAT,SNF,Weight through SMS. Easy installation dairy software automation- India


Aim of Village Level Milk collection center automation :

We aim higher to automate all local village milk collection booths in tamilnadu as a first phase to produce and encourage quality milk producer. The whole setup costs very economical and cheap where 10-15 milk supplier can directly install and form a local milk collection booth, thereby it puts a tag that only quality milk producer is paid.

What you get with our Nano kit ?

If you are getting started with a milk collection booth setup, we can help you in getting branded weighing scale (Essae), Milk analyzers (Eko milk or Lactoscan) at very low cost. The Nano kit includes a hardware bridge which binds all the external hardware, such as Milk analyzer, a android tablet, android app for booth automation, stirrer, holding stand and an online account for web server data access. Add ons are thermal printer for instant bill generation, USB keyboard for easy access with android tablet,

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