About us

About Nano dairy

Nano dairy is blended with both hardware (Weighing Scale, Milk Analyzer and RF Cards) and software (Android App).

“Nano Dairy” has emerged as a leading innovator and implementer of cost-effective technology based solutions for the Dairy industry. Nano Dairy offers state-of-the-art technology that enhances the value to customers through a combination of multiple high- end technologies for complete solutions. At Nano Dairy, Perfection has always been the driving force and Innovation has been the key of success.

About Nano dairy

As an innovative product focused startup, we believe we can change the rules of the game. And it's justified with some great reasons too. Milk is an inseparable ingredient of an average Indians diet. For most Indians, the day starts with the morning tea laced with milk. In many urban neighborhoods, queues form at selected spots where milk vans unload crates of milk sachets before day breaks. Thousands of Indian farmers /Producers are working hard to meet this demand. Nearly 80% of these milk farmers are located in the interiors of India while the biggest market for milk exists in towns and Cities. Well, after spending fair share of our careers in automation and consultancy, we have come to realize that there is a huge scope in improving the way Dairy Industry can operate and handle its producers. The key words are process innovation & operational efficiency. Being experts in process automation, we are good at decoding the complex workflows that Dairy perform and capture all of them on a platform. This includes handling the milk collection from scattered remote producers and their cattle, transportation and extension services provided. Being close to technology, we thought we would do our bit by tech-enabling the Dairy’s, which constitute the nervous system of this Society. Our journey which started as a beta launch last Year for Amirthaa milk and we could see the acceptance of our solution by Dairy in India and later we brought in a revenue model that wouldn’t hamper our users and started charging a small amount to Dairy’s.

why Nano dairy?

Dairy Industries are finding way to reduce their manual works, there by Nano Dairy serve

  • Quit from the headache of daily data entry of the values such as FAT, SNF, Weight etc and look towards the smartness in your work and stay updated.
  • Eliminate the paper work completely.
  • Minimize human error by receiving the values directly from the device via WiFi.
  • Dedicated hand held devices with less complexity for fast and reliable data acquisition.
  • Data maintenance in server eliminates data redundancy and ensures data is up-to-date anytime.
  • Client Server architecture with multi-user support and advanced network topology.
  • Trigger a SMS with the details about the collection to both supplier and managing authorities as soon as the reception is over.
  • Generate the bill for any specific period with inbuilt advance deduction and incentive calculation features.