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Nano Dairy Key Features  |  Demerits of Manual Process

Nano Dairy - Milk Procurement automation Key Features.

Automatic Data Acquistion in Milk collection

FAT, LR and SNF values are directly received from the Analyzers. Liter values are directly received from the weighing scale. Supplier and supplier's can details are received from the wireless terminal. Auto correction option for the values read from Milk Analyzers in order to correct any analyzer error.

Customizable Multiple Rate Charts

Rate charts that are used for bill calculation are maintained separately for cow milk and buffalo milk. Suppliers and Sub Suppliers can have different Rate charts assigned to them. Values are taken from corresponding rate charts for each supplier during bill generation.

Milk producer details & Collected data in secured web server

While data acquisition on progress, the system automatically stores the producer details ( Name, Id, Mobile number etc) to the web server, providing the administrator to access the records in an easier way. Once after the milk procurement process cycle, all data are stored in web server, which can be accessed any where through internet.

Auto Bill Generation

Bill can be generated for any period specified by the user. Advance amount which is maintained separately for each customer can be deducted directly during bill generation. Incentive amount is calculated for each supplier automatically during bill generation.

Identity – RF Tag

Easily access and identify the records / inputs of the particular milk supplier using the RF tag provided thereby ensuring the accuracy. This saves ample of time consumed during milk reception process.

Compatibility towards any brand Milk analyzers & Weighing scales

The design has been shaped perfectly to bridge and bind any brand / type of equipments used for FAT, SNF and weight inputs. Still we are working around to provide extended compatibility towards other devices in market. Suggested leading brands are essae weighing machines, ekomilk analyzers and lactoscan milk analyzers.

Perfect Graphs & Reports for analysis

Various types of graphs are provided with multiple customization options which help you in analyzing the data quickly and efficiently. Compare the various milk parameters of suppliers and sub suppliers for any particular period and duration. Detailed Reports with customization options helps you in performing in-depth analysis of the received and stored data.

SMS Option

Trigger a SMS with the details about the collection to both milk supplier and collection center managing authorities as soon as the Milk reception is over. Customization option Is available to configure the milk parameters (Liters, FAT, CLR, SNF) to be sent in SMS separately for each supplier. SMS the Collection summary of each shift to any mobile number as soon as the reception is over.

Data Storage - Milk Procurement & Collection Data (15 years' Data)

Held up with data storage or messed up with huge data?

We have a inbuild storage in our android tablet which can store about 15 years' data. This enables you to circulate and report with a decades' data very easily.